Download and install FoodWorks 10

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To download and install FoodWorks 10, click the link below:

Download FoodWorks 10 

Follow the instructions shown.


  • The FoodWorks download: There is a single download for all the editions of FoodWorks 10 (Professional, Nutrition Labelling and Premium). 
  • The free 14-day trial: For the free trial period, you have access to FoodWorks Premium, which combines the functionality of both FoodWorks Professional and FoodWorks Nutrition Labelling. The free trial begins when you start FoodWorks for the first time. To continue using FoodWorks after the free trial expires, you need to purchase FoodWorks.
  • Purchasing FoodWorks and the product key: When you purchase FoodWorks you are issued with a product key. When you enter the product key the features of the FoodWorks edition that you have purchased are enabled.
  • Using FoodWorks on an Apple Mac: FoodWorks is designed for the Windows environment. If you want to install and run FoodWorks you will need additional software. For more information see:  Is there a Mac version of FoodWorks?  and How to install and run FoodWorks on a Mac.
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