How do I see food group analyses in FoodWorks?

FoodWorks offers detailed food group analyses. This feature was introduced in FoodWorks 8.

Make sure your database is set up to show food groups

The food group analyses are available when your database is set up to use these data sources for food selections: AusFoods 2017 (or AusFoods 2015), AusBrands 2017 (or AusBrands 2015) and AUSNUT 2011-13. If foods are selected from other data sources, food group analyses are not available. Any pre-existing data in FoodWorks that has food selections from older data sources will not show food group analyses.

To use the food group analyses in a new database, when you create the database, in the New Database dialog, choose Australia - Diet and Recipe Analysis. The food selections are then set by default to AusBrands 2017 and AusFoods 2017.

Display the Food Groups analysis

To display food groups, in the Analysis Pane, select Food Groups in the list of analyses, just as you would select any other analysis. For how to select an analysis, see the FoodWorks Professional online help



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