How do I import a diary from Easy Diet Diary?

Users of Easy Diet Diary (our free mobile app for iPhone) can send their diary to you to open and analyse in FoodWorks Professional. You receive their diary as an attachment to an email they send you.

To open a diary from Easy Diet Diary in FoodWorks Professional:

  1. In the email sent by your client, locate the Easy Diet Diary attachment.
  2. Download and /or save the attachment onto your computer
    NOTE: If the saved file has the extension .TXT, then rename the file, giving it the extension .fwedd
  3. Open the attachment by double-clicking it. The diary will be automatically be opened in FoodWorks.
  4. Re-name the food record if required, and save it.

For more information on importing diaries, such as changing the destination database, see the online help for FoodWorks 8 Professional.


  • Recipes: Recipes from the diary are imported as 'inline' recipes, that is, the name of the recipe is shown in blue with ingredients listed in the rows below. The quantities of the ingredients are shown for the whole recipe; the portion eaten is shown as a percentage of the whole recipe.
  • Exercise: Exercise activity from the diary is shown at the bottom of the list of foods for each day in the Note column.
  • Personal details: Your client's details from Easy Diet Diary such as age, current weight and height are shown in the General tab.

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