Is there a Mac version of FoodWorks?

FoodWorks is written for the Microsoft® Windows® platform and it cannot be run as a native app on Mac computers. However, when installed on a Mac using the method describe below, FoodWorks should run perfectly well.

The approach outlined below makes use of virtualization software. There are several popular options, including Parallels Desktop, VMware Fusion and freeware VirtualBox

Parallels Desktop is recommended because of its reliability and ease of use. To check whether your Mac computer has met the system requirements for running Parallels Desktop, see its system requirements here.

If you are a student, you maybe eligible for a free or discounted Windows 10 Education for Students and Parallels Desktop 11 license offered by OnTheHub.

Unfortunately you cannot preview FoodWorks on your Mac without purchasing Parallels Desktop and a license for Windows. (Note that you can run a 14-day trial for Parallels Desktop.) FoodWorks should run normally on any recent Mac with this set-up. If there is a problem, we are happy to refund the cost of the FoodWorks software (only).

If you only wish to trial FoodWorks please do so on a PC. 

For more information see How to install and run FoodWorks on a Mac.

To learn more about Parallels Desktop, go here.


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