Upgrade to FoodWorks 8 Nutrition Labelling

These instructions are for users of FoodWorks 7 Nutrition Labelling (or an earlier version) who are upgrading to FoodWorks 8 Nutrition Labelling.

What's New in FoodWorks 8 Nutrition Labelling

Upgrading to FoodWorks 8 Nutrition Labelling

Before you begin

Make sure you have a back-up copy of your database, or optionally, create one now. 

NOTE: When you open a database created in FoodWorks 2007 (version 5) or earlier in FoodWorks 8, that database can no longer be opened in the earlier version of FoodWorks.

STEP 1 - Download and install FoodWorks 8

You must have administrator permissions to be able to install software.

To download and install FoodWorks 8, click the link below:

Download FoodWorks 8

Follow the instructions shown.

STEP 2 - Start using FoodWorks 8

To start using FoodWorks 8:

  1. Click the Windows Start button, then locate and click FoodWorks 8.
  2. Read the License Agreement and click I accept to continue.
  3. The Welcome window is displayed. Enter your new FoodWorks 8 product key. If you do not have a FoodWorks 8 product key, you can click Start Trial to get working straight away. (You can enter your product key at any time.)
  4. The Create or open database window is displayed.
    - To open an existing database: Click Open and follow the prompts shown. 
    - To create a new database: Click Create and follow the prompts shown.








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