Blog articles for FoodWorks Nutrition Labelling

Checking nutrient values from a product specification - Best Practice

Are the nutrient numbers supplied for your ingredients correct? Here's a quick basic check.

Getting your FoodWorks data into Microsoft Excel

It's simple when you know how...

Ingredients in FoodWorks Nutrition Labelling - Best Practice

Ever wondered where the ingredient lists are in FoodWorks?

Handling ingredients that have their own ingredients

Sometimes the ingredients in your recipes have their own ingredients. In FoodWorks, how do you enter these ‘compound ingredients’?

Health Star Ratings calculated for you

Take the ‘complicated’ out of Health Star Ratings.

Are you cool with Country of Origin Labelling?

Here are some of the ways that FoodWorks 10 can make CoOL a breeze. 

Lupin joins the allergen list

In May 2018, lupin joined the list of allergens that must be declared on food labels in Australia and New Zealand, bringing the total number of allergens up to 10.

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