Blog articles for FoodWorks Professional

Where does the food data come from?

Ever wondered where we source the food composition data available in FoodWorks?

Getting your FoodWorks data into Microsoft Excel

It's simple when you know how...

A quick guide to Easy Diet Diary

Give this Quick Guide to your clients to help them get started with our free mobile app, Easy Diet Diary.

Red values in your analyses?

Is missing data affecting the quality of your analysis? Here is how you can find and fix missing values in FoodWorks Professional.

Finding your FoodWorks data

Do you know where your FoodWorks data is stored? And how to back it up?

How to investigate sources of a nutrient in a diet

Track down the sources of nutrients/food components in your clients’ diets. A quick How-To for users of FoodWorks Professional.

Save time and enhance your nutrition consulting

Get your clients to log their own food intake, using our popular free mobile app, Easy Diet Diary.

Food intolerances and FoodWorks

Food intolerances can be tricky to identify and treat. With FoodWorks, you can see the sources of triggering chemicals in your clients’ diets.

'Eat your veges!' The value of food groups

With FoodWorks, you can move beyond a rough-and-ready assessment of food groups and instead work in a concrete, quantitative way.  And you can dive deep.

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