Tutorial Videos for FoodWorks Nutrition Labelling

Learning the basics of FoodWorks Nutrition Labelling (9:33)

 A quick introduction to FoodWorks Nutrition Labelling. Learn how to:
• Create your raw materials
• Create a simple recipe
• View the product label

Overview of the FoodWorks Nutrition Labelling sample database (5:07)

Get acquainted with the sample database provided for FoodWorks Nutrition Labelling. Learn:
• How to view the sample database
• Have a quick look at its contents – raw materials, sub-recipes and recipes

Getting started with Country of Origin Labelling (CoOL) (3:20)

 Get going with Country of Origin Labelling in FoodWorks Nutrition Labelling. Learn how to:
• Enter the percentage Australian for your raw materials
• Create the CoOL statement with the standard mark for your labels

Country of Origin Labelling - BarTender solution (4:38)

Are you working with FoodWorks Nutrition Labelling and BarTender? Learn how to:
  • Get the FoodWorks resources for BarTender
  • View the sample labels with CoOL standard marks
  • Create your own labels with CoOL standard marks

Designing the Nutrition Information Panel (NIP) (04:31)

Learn how to fine-tune Nutrition Information Panels on your labels. See how to:

  • Set the serve information
  • Add and remove nutrients
  • Show or hide the % Daily Intake column
  • Show ‘per 100mL’ not ‘per 100 g’
  • Set advanced options

Declaring compound ingredients (05:31)

Learn how to declare compound ingredients in the ingredients statements of your labels. This video covers:

  • What a compound ingredient is.
  • The two ways to declare a compound ingredient


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