Licensing FAQs

Common questions customers ask about FoodWorks licensing:

How many users can I have per license?

All standard licensing is done on a per user basis. A license is required for each user. This means that upon purchasing 1 x FoodWorks user license you may only have one user at any time.

How many computers can I install my FoodWorks license on?

Per user license, you can install FoodWorks on more than one computer for the use of that one user (e.g. on their desktop PC as well as their work laptop).

If you receive the error ‘too many activations’ upon trying to activate on an additional computer, please follow the steps to activate over the phone.

Please note: You may not install a license on another computer for use by an unlicensed user. You may not install a license purchased by one workplace in another workplace, even if the user is the same person.

Can I purchase FoodWorks using a monthly instalment plan?

There is an option for you to purchase FoodWorks in monthly instalments. This option incurs a 20% premium and remains an annual commitment.

So, for example, a FoodWorks Professional annual subscription, normally purchased at $390 upfront, on a monthly instalment plan at $39 a month would instead come to $468.

The monthly instalment option is not available for purchase through our website: instead you need to purchase through email correspondence with

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