Citing (referencing) FoodWorks

If you cite FoodWorks in an academic or research publication, we would like you to include the following in your reference:

  • The name of the software: e.g. FoodWorks 10
  • The version of the software to 1 decimal place: e.g. v10.0
  • The edition of the software: e.g. Professional, Nutrition Labelling, or Premium
  • The copyright year (year of release): e.g. 2019
  • The city: Brisbane
  • The author: Xyris Software (Australia) Pty Ltd 

To find the details you need, in FoodWorks, on the Help menu, click About.


Here is an example reference:

FoodWorks 10 Professional, v10.0. Brisbane: Xyris Software (Australia) Pty Ltd, 2019


To find details for AusBrands and AusFoods data sources, in FoodWorks on the File menu, click Database Properties, and click the Food Selections tab. Click on a data source for its details.

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